Cutting Head Technology

From 2D to multi-axis cutting, Flow technology provides the highest accuracy, fastest cut part.

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Dynamic XD Cutting head schematic
Dynamic XD Cutting head schematic

Cutting Head Technology

From 2D to multi-axis cutting, Flow technology provides the highest accuracy, fastest cut part.

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Dynamic Waterjet XD

Faster, More Accurate Bevel and 3D Cutting

Dynamic Waterjet® XD introduces the first high-precision 3D cutting technology of its kind by integrating 3D functionality with Dynamic Waterjet – giving you the ultimate in accuracy, speed, and flexibility.

Active Tolerance Control

Automatically compensates for part cutting errors of stream lag and taper that are inherent in all waterjet cutting. Powered by mathematical models, Dynamic Waterjet cuts parts faster and more accurately than with a standard, non-Dynamic waterjet.

Accurate Bevel and 3D Cutting

Brings the speed and accuracy of Dynamic Waterjet, (compensating for stream lag and taper) to bevel and 3D part cutting.

Rapid Lift and Drop

To avoid clamps and pre-cut areas while minimizing cycle time impact.


Used in both underwater or above water operation, and pure or abrasive waterjet cutting.

Precision Feedback

Ultrahigh resolution motors provide both velocity and position closed-loop feedback.



FlowXpert Software

Wrist Articulation

Mach 500Up to 89° of motion

Vertical Travel

Mach 50012 in [305 mm]

Core Component Options

Compass - Flow’s patent-pending contour following and collision sensing solution


Reach a new level of precision waterjet cutting with Compass™. Flow’s patented height-setting and contour following solution, Compass features the most precise contour following available in waterjet.

The revolutionary patented tool center-point design is the only solution available in the industry which measures deviation at the tool center-point, allowing for flexible 5-axis movement. Compass overcomes the challenges of traditional 3-axis contour following solutions; ensuring you can easily follow warped material, even automatically adjusting for stress relieving in material. The tool will automatically make adjustments, with an easy operator control that puts you in production fast – no pre-mapping needed.

Available with Mach 500 systems as a simple upgrade to Dynamic XD.

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UltraPierce Vacuum Assist

UltraPierce Vacuum Assist

Our exclusive UltraPierce™ Vacuum Assist technology provides reliable piercing of brittle and laminated materials such as marble, stone, glass, and composites.

Fragile materials such as these tend to form craters, cracks, or break during high pressure piercing. UltraPierce is a cutting head option that allows the Paser 4 to pierce these materials easily, saving time and raw material, as well as enhancing the quality of the finished product. UltraPierce's exclusive no clog design pulls abrasive into the cutting head a split second before the waterjet starts so that the waterjet has abrasive particles entrained in the jet stream immediately.